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A simple ambition : Preserve the pleasure of serving your clients.

How ?

Combine the pleasant and the useful !


les fonctionnalités n°1 de la caisse Popina


les fonctionnalités n°2 de la caisse Popina

Peripheral Devices

les fonctionnalités n°3 de la caisse Popina

A cash register
user friendly focused !

Popina doesn’t adapt, but creates from scratch a cash register that fits your business. A cash register with lots of functionalities and specific services, that saves you and your client a lot of time !
Of course, you will find the basic options… but also the most advanced ones !

Evolutive is Popina

It’s simple, in one year, popina’s cash register doubled its features !
Why restrict your needs when a field of possibilities is in front of you ?

How to unlock the power of the new popina’s features ?
Easy : A simple update of you cash register.

Even better…are you dreaming about an additional feature ? Popina is listening !

When placing an order
is a child’s play…

0… 0,010… 0,011… 0,012 milliseconde…STOP !

Do you know how long it takes for popina’s app to synchronize your order on all your ipads ?

0.012 seconds ! Faster than the cheetah, that would take 33,33 milliseconds to do the same. Crazy isn’t it ? Popina is THE FASTEST app run cash register on the market, with its cutting edge innovations !

Popina, the speed at the tip of your finger !Cash collection : double pleasure !

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A cash register with style !

A good looking, user friendly and optimized interface that garanties an easy and comprehensive use ! Thanks to a great design and a simple navigation system, you can push your user experience to the max.

A cash register that doesn’t require extensive training time, for you, your employees or the extras. How did we achieve that ?

It’s simple, it’s Popina app. It boils down to that ! Hallelujah !

Finally ! A cash register at your service !

To boost your efficiency, to give you the best tools of the market, popina developed the Popmarket service ecosystem.