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« Popina is fast, that's what I love about it. Ringing up a sale takes seconds, a few taps and it's done. It's a considerable gain of time. I can balance cash registers and calculate quaterly results in half the time it used to take me. »

Marc Schneider
Café Martini manager

Direct payment !

A bar gets easily crowded, and you want to be able to take everyone's orders and to do so quickly. Our lightspeed payment solution allows you to take orders on the go without missing a beat. No more wait at the bar.

Boost your Happy hour

Popina allows you to assign special rates to set times and items. Establish Happy Hour times with automatic price adjustments. No room for error there !

Easily manage your music !

A bar's atmosphere is also achieved through music. Play your favorite tracks with your iPad using Spotify, Grooveshark or Deezer. Control your business's mood from your cash register. How cool is that ?

More than 200 features !
Popina offers more than 200 features : Send out files to accounting when you please. Manage prices for each item (outdoors, bar, take out…), process payments more effciently by adding notes to your orders like a customer's name. Modify your menu at will, you're the boss !