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The Ipad Cash Register


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The iPad cash register !

Simple, accessible & intuitive

Time saving, for everyone !

Save time thanks to Popina !

Cashing as never been easier! Simple and intuitive, the Popina cash register app adapts to all your needs : multiple managements (prices, options, cash registers, users, ...), connected accessories, a complete service ecosystem that improves user experience. A great choice of options, to help you manage your business.

Order, deliver, print and collect at lightning speed with Popina !

Popmarket !

Cashing is good, managing is even better.
Thanks to its ecosystem, Popina improves your daily life

Your terminal order

Pop-display presents the ideal tool to optimize order taking and reduce queues. You can now offer your customers a new experience and make them discover your products in a more fun way. Save time and give them more freedom.

Fidelity by Qoodos

You love your customers, but you especially want them to come back you need the right tool to help you !

The mobile app

PopLive is Popina’s free mobile application that gives you access Live To your synchronized data from your smartphone or tablet !

Click and collect solution

At clicks, the customer put an order on your website and withdraws it from your restaurant or has it delivered. A service that integrates perfectly with your Popina cash register !

Your Companions

Complementary but essential

An ultra pro counter tool

It is perfection incarnate !

Robust, shock resistant and splash resistant. The Basiqpad is lightweight and discrete. It is an all in one device – see below the following features : Charging Integrated battery, receipt printer, counterfeit money detector, waiter ID authentication system, long range Bluetooth (until 500 meters range) and plug devices connectors… In a nutshell, you will get all the combined benefits of the counter and iPad !

And of course…gar the iPad maintains all the benefits of mobility.

How ? Contact us and try it – No risk !

Expected release in 2021

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Hygiène Expert HACCP

Your day to day application

An easy to use app and an immediate time saver !

Hygiene Expert HACCP app, We provide an application that simplifies your sanitary and cleaning plans offering the best hygiene control for your restaurant.

Provide to your clients’ the best food safety. Cleaning and disinfection tracking, Automatic temperature records, Schedule assistance, “best before“ label printing… these features offer the best traceability.

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POS terminal

Time saving tool, ideally fits your mobility

Take advantage of Popina’s solution. We include an easy to use POS terminal

POS Ingenico Tetra Move 5000.

Igenico Tetra move 500 POS allows you to easily register payments. It accepts all payment cards, TICKETS RESTAURANTS® meal vouchers tickets included. The multi operators’ network offers the best data connection in the market – it is the perfect companion to Popina solution. All types of payment, NFC payment, illuminated display and keyboard, color screen, touch screen.

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Popina offer

Several Popina offers exist and they are all inclusive !

Software from


Packs ready to use

iPad + Popina software (300 features), back office, tablet support, cash drawer, printer, router, remote maintenance and support.
Contact us to know the price of our packs.

The free mobile application

Poplive live for you !

Do you want to play it Sherlock’s mode ?
PopLive is your tool to consult your numbers in real time and remotely.

An assistance…

…very very close

You & Us

You enjoy from ultra-efficience assistance and a single designated contact during your registration. If a problem occurs on your iPad, your card and your cash reports are saved on your secure space to never lose them.

Check everything

The configuration is done within the cashier software: card, employees, printers
It is very easy to cut a note, retype a payment, change a kitchen order, create a custom option on the go
Everything is intuitive, you are totally independent.

Be safe

If a problem occurs on your iPad, (s**t happens…), your table layout and your reports crates are saved on your secured space.

Our services and our partners comply with the market security rules (SSL, HTTPS, HSTS, AES-256 Encryption, PCI Compliant).


express delivery


customer satisfaction !


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