Tap twice to unlock cash register - That's it !

  • Taptap_flash

    The fastest way to unlock your cash register

    Tap twice to unlock, it doesn't get easier than that !

  • Taptap_cible

    Each user easily connected

    Get full and immediate access to your account, each time you sign in with taptap.

  • Taptap_verrou

    Your access becomes confidential

    Once your code tapped in, no one can steal it. A great remedy against account theft.

Thanks to our simplified access procedure, your cash register will have no secrets for you

When Popina is installed on an iPad that faces the dining room, or when you want to make sure no one knows the «Admin» passcode, it can be hard to hide your access code from view.

TapTap by Popina was created for restaurant managers who wish for extra speed and safety. We keep our ears to the ground to cater to your every need and concern.