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« The Popina team is great. I was used to heavy and slow cash registers, and so it was a welcome change. Installation went great. They walked us through the process and now we couldn't be more satisfied. These youngsters share our motivation and dedication to quality, and that's definitely refreshing ! »

Gourmet restaurant, Paris

An intuitive flooplan

Significantly increase efficiency and avoid mistakes with our touch-screen floorplan.

Send accurate orders to kitchen

Communication with the kitchen is crucial to the restaurant business. Our tool was designed to facilitate exchanges and modify orders on the go.

Elegance and discretion

Our product was designed to be as invisible as possible in your restaurant. Don't ruin the view with a voluminous cash register...

First-class support !

Our team is there every day to answer any question you may have. You can count on us !

More than 200 features !
Popina offers more than 200 features : Manage prices for each item (outdoors, bar, take out…), create special orders (no rice, salt-free, gluten-free…), ring up customers in seconds and get rid of lineups, split bills and tender hassle-free…